Winter tyres

Basically, winter tyres are invented for the convenient usage of tyres during winter. This type of tyre can run well amid ice and snow. What makes these tyres stand out from all other regular tyres is, these are made of a rubber that is differently composed.

Why Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres provides users with superior grip and control while driving over snow and ice. As the temperature falls below 7 degree, these tyres let drivers control as they do during summer. The three renowned winter tyres manufacturers are- Goodyear, Yokohama and Hankook. Winter tyres from these three manufacturers are superior in quality and comfortable to drive with.

Winter Tyres: Brands

Goodyear currently offers four types of winter tyres. Goodyear Ultragrip 8 is known to be the deliverer of outstanding snow traction. There are so many benefits of using these. Major two benefits are- the braking distance this allows in winter are shorter and it has a high resistance in aquaplaning.

Goodyear Ultragrip 8 Performance is for its amazing performance amid tough snow conditions. Goodyear Ultragrip 7+ is excellent for all winter conditions. Goodyear Ultragrip +SUV is a quality SUV tyre. This tyre delivers all round winter traction.

Yokohama winter tyres have different types of tyres  designed exclusively for icy conditions. Each and every tyres are excellent for winter season. Yokohama promises to give the total pleasure of driving in the winter wilderness.

These tyres have symmetric tread design especially designed for traction on snow. Whatever the condition is, Yokohama winter tyres promises to deliver optimum performance all the time. The performance is more or less same in wet grounds, dry grounds and on the surfaces covered with snow. These offers up to four straight groove designs.

Grooves are used to disperse snow while on the same time, edges are used to improve traction on ice. These tyres ensure minimal sliding and efficient dispersal of snow slush and water.

Hankook winter tyres are designed exclusively for the best ever performance on winter season. The perfect combination of asymmetric tread design and grooves makes it outstanding to provide with superb grip and easy handling. The unique design of its tyres makes it easy to handle in both dry and wet conditions. Outstanding cornering and braking is possible with using these winter tyres. These tyres have strong and stable tread pattern and are used commercially as light truck and van tyres.

No matter from where you buy winter tyres, these tyres are a must to buy in winter season. So that you can drive safer and better.

Buying Tips on High Quality Wholesale Cheap Towels

Wholesale cheap towels are getting huge popular today. We have been using towels for a long time now and we are using it for various purposes. We mostly use it around the house from the living room to the drawing room for carrying out different things. They are used mainly to dry wet skin, wiping hands and so on. Some people even use them as gift-wrapping items nowadays. They have become one of the commodities that we cannot live without and it acts as an important thing in our day-to-day life. One can benefit in buying wholesale cheap towels at the right store.

Wholesale cheap towels are used around all the places like hotels, hospitals, restaurants and many other places. Towels have been used in all these places for similar activities. One cannot live without a towel nowadays and it has become one of the integral parts of our life. Businesses like hotels, restaurants, and even hospital deal with customer service and towels play a huge role in taking care of them. Hence, it has emerged a huge market in attaining success.

Wholesale cheap towels are manufactured in a typical manner for hotels, since mostly they look for disposable towels. Hotels always buy towels that are cheap, because they need them in bulk amount. In addition, they can ask for customized designs while the towels are being manufactured. They use towels that match the ambiance of their rooms. Hotels can make a considerable amount of profit by using these cheap towels instead of the traditional ones. It does not require any high maintenance and it is hygienic to use new towels every time.

Salon and beauty clinics use wholesale cheap towels that are smooth and soft. They mostly use luxuriant towels to attract their customers and improve their quality of service. These towels are designed in such a way to give a tender feel to the skin. Some people even buy these towels for their homes because of its tenderness and silky feel. They are ready to spend money to get some good quality products.

Businesses using wholesale cheap towels get more profit. These cheap products do not have to be maintained with care and are easy to use. There has been a stiff competition between the manufacturers of these towels, since there is huge demand for them in the market. Towels have always been an unavoidable property in our life. Find the best online store offering high quality wholesale cheap towels that best suit your needs.

Porsche Macan Launch Date and Pricing Now Revealed

Spring next year will witness the launch of £32,000 Porsche Macan in showrooms. This new Porsche automobile will be officially revealed at the LA Motor Show in November. Its technical details, however, have been leaked beforehand.

Porsche Macan Launch Date

The 2014 Porsche Macan

The new Porsche Macan SUV’s dimensions will be close to those of Audi Q5. Its pictures taken at an automobile dealer conference have confirmed that two six-cyl turbo engines will be offered initially – a 3.0l for Macan and a 3.6l for Macan Turbo.

The latter is a novel addition to the car maker’s engine line-up. Later, four-cyl petrol and six-cyl diesel engines are likely to be launched too. The Turbo edition of Macan will be priced at around £46,500.

Design and Construction

The premium car maker has revealed that some of Macan’s chassis parts will be taken from Q5. However, it will feature a unique suspension tuning, fresh engine range and button-clad interiors, inspired from its 911and Panamera. It will weigh around 130kg lighter than Q5; more decline in mass than ever achieved by employing the MQB platform.

The new vehicle will be exclusively an all-wheel drive model right from launch, exactly like Audi Q5. We expect Porsche to launch a sportier S version and a Hybrid edition later during Macan’s life cycle. However, a limited engine range is expected compared to the bigger, pricier Cayenne.

Macan’s styling will signify its sporty intentions; 911-inspired tapered lights at the rear and Cayenne-inspired broad front grille, massive bumpers and sturdy stance. Porsche also revealed that it will consciously ensure that its Macan does not turn into a fashion statement, and remain more exclusive. It aims at lower sales volumes compared to the best-seller Evoque.

Porsche plans to manufacture its Macan model line at its Leipzig plant. And it must be noted that if the plant is used in full capacity for producing this model, we should expect its Pajun saloon to be many years away. Porsche, however, will keep a close watch on the growth of Maserati Ghibli to gauge the potential of this striking model.

Porsche Macan – Engine Line-Up

Macan S, at launch, will come with a 3.0l V6 dual-turbo engine with a power output of 335bhp. Another version, Macan Turbo will feature a 3.6litre dual-turbo V6 generating 394bhp power, and largest brakes in its class of SUVs.

Porsche will also introduce a 254bhp 3.0l V6 diesel engine. All Macan engines will function in conjunction with a seven-speed twin-clutch gear box.

911’s Targa Version

Porsche is also in the process of launching the Targa version of its much-admired 911. The model will be introduced in January 2014 at the Detroit Motor Show. An electric roof panel will be a highlight point of this model.

High-performance GTS editions of Porsche Boxster and Cayman models, with respective power outputs of 326bhp and 335bhp, are also in the pipeline. These are expected to be introduced in April 2014 and will feature a unique bodykit, GTS badging and 20-inch alloys.